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Educational programs

The Chemical Engineering department is involved in the organisation of the following Bachelor and Master Programs: Masters:    


We see it as our mission to form Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and BioEngineering that have a keen eye on innovation and process optimisation. To this end the department organizes the following courses:  

Prof. dr. ir. Harry Verelst

Prof. dr. ir. Gert Desmet

Prof. dr. ir. Joeri Denayer

  • Catalysis [more info]
  • Downstream Processing [more info]
  • Mechanical and Thermal Unit Operations [more info]
  • Physiological Engineering and Cellular Engineering (part “Modeling of biomedical systems”) [more info]
  • Project SCH: Analytical Aspects of Chemistry [more info]
  • Dynamic Processes [more info]
  • Biomedical Engineering [more info]

Prof. dr. S. Eeltink

Prof. dr. ir. Wim De Malsche

  • Nanochemistry and -technology: Capita Selecta [more info]

Prof. dr. ir. Ken Broeckhoven

  • Under construction