Method Development and Coupled Column Systems

To get more out of an LC-instrument than just the separation power of a single column, we have developed an automatic column coupler that can tune the length and the composition of a serially connected train of columns the efficiency and selectivity needs of the sample.We are currently also developing software that can steer this hardware in an autonomous and intelligent way. As a spin-off of this work we also expect to develop novel strategies to enhance method development.

Selected reading

Cabooter, D., Decrop, W., Eeltink, S., Swart, R., Ursem, M., Lestremau, F., Desmet, G.; Automatic Column Coupling System To Operate Chromatographic Supports Closer To Their Kinetic Performance Limit and To Enhance Method Development; 2010; Analyical Chemistry; 82; 1054-1065

Eva Tyteca, Anuschka Liekens, David Clicq, Ameriga Fanigliulo, Benjamin Debrus , Serge Rudaz, Davy Guillarme, Gert Desmet, Predictive Elution Window Stretching and Shifting as a Generic Search Strategy for Automated Method Development, Anal. Chem., in press

Involved Staff: Gert, Eva, Yoachim, Prof. Deirdre Cabooter (KULeuven, external collaboration)