Column Characterization

Column Characterization

Using state-of-the-art instrumentation and building upon our theoretical insights and modeling capabilities, we aim at making detailed analyses of the efficiency and flow resistance of chromatographic columns of any sort or type (packed beds, monolithic columns, micromachined columns). Apart from mastering the conventional Van Deemter and flow resistance analysis, the specialties of the group include B-term modeling (overall effect as well as stationary-phase diffusion) and mobile phase mass transfer rates (Sherwood-number). In 2007, the group developed a technique (Total Pore Blocking) enabling to make accurate measurements of the volumetric fraction of the flow-through pores, as well as to eliminate the hcm- and the hcs-contribution.


Selected reading

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Involved Staff: Gert, Bas, Ken, Ruben, Yoachim, Eva, Sam, Jelle, Sander J., Kim, Martyna