Prof. Dr. ir. Joeri Denayer

Prof. Dr. ir. Joeri Denayer

Telephone:  +32 (0)2 629 1798
Function: Professor



General introduction

Joeri Denayer is professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is teaching courses in the field of chemical engineering, heterogeneous catalysis and modeling of adsorption, diffusion and reaction processes. His research activities are situated in the field of chemical engineering and separation science.



Joeri Denayer’s research focusses on the study and development of new and intensified adsorptive separation processes. Examples are the adsorptive capture of CO2, recovery of platform chemicals from renewable feedstocks, purification and separation of gas and liquid streams for refining and petrochemical applications, separation of enantiomers for pharmaceutical applications etc.
Experimental and modeling work are combined in the study of adsorption, diffusion and separation in porous adsorbents and catalysts. A wide variety of high-throughput experimental tools to study gas and liquid phase multicomponent adsorption has been developed by the team of Prof. Denayer. Other activities include analysis of structure – selectivity relationships, development of micro-separators and process intensification in microreactors.
Joeri Denayer is (co-)author of 181 publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, 2 book chapters and 6 patents.

5 key peer reviewed publications

  • The role of crystal diversity in understanding mass transfer in nanoporous materials, Cousin Saint Remi, J. Lauerer, A.; Chmelik, C., Vandendael, I. Terryn, H., Baron, G.V., Denayer, J.F.M., Kärger, J., NATURE MATERIALS, 15(4), 401-406, 2016.
  • Molecular separations with breathing metal-organic frameworks: Modelling packed bed adsorbers, T.R. C. Van Assche, G.V. Baron and J.F.M. Denayer, Dalton Trans., 45, 4416-4430, 2016.
  • Biobutanol Separation with the Metal-Organic Framework ZIF-8, Saint Remi Julien Cousin, Remy Tom, Van Hunskerken Vincent, Stijn van de Perre, Tim Duerinck, Michael Maes, Dirk De Vos, Elena Gobechiya, Christine E. A. Kirschhock, Gino V. Baron, and Joeri F.M. Denayer, CHEMSUSCHEM, 4(8), 1074-1077, 2011.
  • Adsorption and Separation of Light Gases on an Amino-Functionalized Metal-Organic Framework: An Adsorption and In Situ XRD Study, Couck, S; Gobechiya, E; Kirschhock, CEA; Serra-Crespo, P; Juan-Alcaniz, J; Joaristi, AM; Stavitski, E; Gascon, J; Kapteijn, F; Baron, GV; Denayer, JFM, CHEMSUSCHEM, 5, 740-750, 2012.
  • Fabrication and separation performance evaluation of a metal-organic framework based microseparator device, Van Assche, Tom R. C.; Denayer, Joeri F. M., 95, 65-72, Chemical Engineering Science, 2013.

More information

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  • Thermodynamics
  • Catalysis
  • Downstream Processing
  • Mechanical and Thermal Unit Operations
  • Dynamic Processes

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