ir. Amaury de Hemptinne

ir. Amaury de Hemptinne


Office: Van Der Meeren Building – Office B7
Telephone: +32 (0)2 629 1084
Function: PhD student




General introduction

In 2012, I graduated in Bioengineering Science with a specialization in Chemistry and bio industry in UCL. I spent one year working and discovering new cultures in Canada and Central America and then started to work for an oleochemical company in 2013, first in quality then in research and development. After 5 years in the chemical industry, I have started a PhD at VUB in 2019.


Microfluidic approaches offer unique opportunities to migrate from batch to continuous systems. The field is very powerful in handling particles and cells using, among other techniques, magnetism and acoustics. I’m especially working on the next biggest challenge of microfluidics which is upscaling to industrial application.