Multi-dimensional separations

In order to successfully tackle the truly complex separation problems arising from areas such as proteomics research, the development of multi-dimensional separation technology is required. On-line and off-line two-dimensional LC systems are designed such to achieve the highest peak-production rate (peak-capacity-per-unit-time) by optimizing column dimensions and LC conditions (flow rate, gradient time, and sampling volume).

Spatial two-dimensional separations differ from separations in the time domain in that component peaks are characterized by their x and y coordinate in the separation space. Since all second-dimension separations are developed in parallel, the analysis time can be greatly reduced compared to coupled-column 2D-LC (sequential analysis). The spatial 2D-LC micro-fluidic device features a single channel for the first-dimension separation, and an array of parallel channels for the second-dimension separations. To distribute the second-dimension mobile phase homogeneously across the entire cross-section, a flow distributor consisting of an ordered bed of diamond-shaped pillars has been incorporated on-chip.

Extending spatial 2D to 3D-LC, a 3D device targeting the analysis of highly complex proteomics samples will be created. This spatial 3D-LC chip has the potential to yield unrivaled chromatographic resolution for biomarker discovery, providing unique profiling possibilities for complex proteomics mixtures encountered in biomarker discovery studies.

Selected reading

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Involved Staff: Gert, Bas, Ken, Jelle