Several nano HPLC-setups

Dionex Ultimate 3000 nano-LC

Liquid chromatography devices used for testing novel miniaturized column formats (micro-chips and capillary columns) and for the development of proper separation methods applicable to these columns.

Technical specifications:
Column flow range: 50 nl/min -2.5ml/min
Pump max. pressure: 500 bar
Column max pressure: 400 bar
Sample thermostatting: 4 – 45°C
Thermostatted column and switching valves: 5-70°C
Sample injection volume: 100 nl – 1 µl
UV-VIS detection: 3 and 50 nl sized flow cells (Z-cel)
Chromatography software: Chromeleon®

Experiment examples:
Isocratic separation of phenones on micro pillar array columns, gradient separation of a mixture of peptides (e.g. a tryptic digest of BSA) on micro pillar array columns, testing of capillary columns packed with MOF’s (metallo organic frameworks) for the separation of stereo-isomers in liquid chromatography.