Reversed microscopy setups with CCD camera’s

Olympus IX-71 reversed microscope, Hamamatsu EM-CCD camera, Physik intrumente automated translation stage, 3 pressurized vessels for liquid propulsion (20 ml), Agilent 1100 Nano-LC pump, LC-packings UV-detector.

Experimental setup for the visualization of fluorescent samples in micro-fabricated fluidic devices.

Technical specifications:
s Pump max. pressure: 500 bar
Pressurized vessel max. pressure: 100 bar
UV-VIS detection: 3 and 50 nl sized flow cells (Z-cel)
Reversed microscopy filter sets:
-UV (excitation: 330-385 nm/emission: LP 420 nm)
-Green/yellow (excitation: 510-550 nm/emission: LP 590 nm)
Reversed microscope objectives:(2.5x/5x/10x/20x)
Translation stage max. speed: 0.2 m/s

Experiment examples:
On-chip determination of retention and dispersion behavior of fluorescent components in micro pillar array column. Experimental optimization of micro-fabricated chromatographic support structures by comparing the on-chip dispersion behavior of fluorescent samples. Real-time monitoring of processes in micro-reactors using fluorescent samples (e.g. micro-emulsification, micro-mixing,…).