Dynamic Liquid Phase Adsorption

  • Frontal Analysis setup

    Brand/Model: ILS- Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

    The heart of the ILS system consists of 2 ovens, each containing up to 10 columns. These 2 ovens can independently be operated so adsorption experiments can be run in the first oven, while columns are being regenerated in the other one under nitrogen flow. Typically liquid is being pumped by one of the three syringe pumps from a recipient flask to the exit of the adsorption column. The output flow can be redirected to a gas chromatograph for online analysis (using a flow cell and autosampler), or to a fraction collector for offline analysis or a combination of both. The setup is operated using special purpose control software (Pro Control, The Netherlands), which controls the individual parts of the set-up.

    Technical specifications:
    Temperature range ovens: 298 -723 K
    Number of syringe pumps: 3
    Flow rate range pumps: 0 – 50 ml/min
    Pressure range pumps: 0 – 250 bar
    Capacity pumps: 500 ml
    Max. Column Length: 25 cm

    Experiment examples:
    Separation of Alkanes (e.g. C6 isomers, aromatics); Separation of Alcohols (e.g. ethanol/n-hexanol, ethanol/n-propanol, methanol/n-propanol/n-butanol)

  • High Throughput Frontal Analysis setup

    Brand/Model: in-house developed

    Setup for high throughput measurement of breakthrough profiles in continuous flow catalytic or separation experiments. The high-throughput frontal analysis set-up contains eight parallel channels. Each channel consists of a high-pressure liquid pump, a pneumatic driven waste valve and a stainless steel catalytic column, attached to an in-house developed pneumatic driven automated fraction collector. The system is programmable by a PLC system, so it runs automatically . Samples can be analyzed off-line by GC-FID or GC-MS if necessary.

    Technical specifications:
    8 parallel channels
    Pump max. pressure: 400 bar
    Pump flow range: 0.2 -10.0 ml/min
    Oven temperature range: 30-300 °C
    Samples per channel: 112 per experiment

    Experiment examples:
    alkylation of bromobenzene, acylation of toluene, …

  • Frontal Analysis setup (heated)

    Brand/Model: in-house developed

    Setup for measurement of breakthrough profiles in continuous flow dynamic adsorption/ separation experiments. It has been designed for the separation of linear long chain paraffinic mixtures (solid phase at room temperature) so all tubing is heated. The system contains Syringe pumps (Teledyne ISCO), oven (Binder), and a collection system controlled by Festo.

    Technical specifications:
    Flow range: 0.01 ml/min-20.0 ml/min;
    Temperature range: Max. 300 °C;
    Pressure range: Max. 500 bar;
    Liquid phase or vapor-liquid mixed phase adsorption measurement.

    Experiment examples:
    Solid/liquid paraffin waxes adsorption/separation over packed column (fixed bed)