4.7 million euro for new research infrastructure at VUB


Ensuring an optimal research environment is one of the most important tasks of VUB’s research policy. This also means ensuring that researchers have state-of-the-art research infrastructure at their disposal. Thanks to the FWO call for medium-sized equipment (2.5 million euros) combined with funds provided by the Research Council (worth 2.2 million euros), no less than 8 new pieces of equipment can be purchased. These purchases will help ensure that the VUB research receives a new impulse and can be further developed in the most optimal circumstances.

Prof. Sebastiaan Eeltink is granted to purchase his proposed equipment:

A platform for next generation proteome analysis: liquid chromatography trapped-ion-mobility time-of-flight (LC-timsTOF) mass spectrometry

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sebastiaan Eeltink

Proteomics or proteome analysis is the comprehensive characterisation of the proteins of a biological system. The gold standard technique is proteomics based on liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS), in which the protein mixtures are first cleaved and the resulting peptides are then characterised by mass spectrometry. With this new device, a proteomics platform will be realized at the VUB, which will be optimised to achieve unprecedented resolution and ultra-high detection sensitivity. The device will be used for the accurate characterisation of biomarkers; molecules that indicate the presence of a disease or disorder and that can provide clues for new therapeutic strategies. For example, diagnostic biomarkers for certain types of cancer or parasitic infections will be examined, so that this knowledge can lead to earlier diagnoses and the development of new therapies.