The Department of Chemical Engineering (CHIS) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel proudly announces that Prof. dr. ir. Gert Desmet is ranked in the top 10 of The Analytical Scientist’s Power List top 100.

The Power List celebrates the tremendous range of talent, ingenuity and leadership present across all corners of analytical science, by highlighting the pioneering work and passion of 100 leaders in the field.

To identify the top scientists in the field, the publication held open nominations before the candidates were whittled down to the final 100 by a panel of independent judges.

Gert Desmet, head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at VUB, was ranked at the prestigious 7th place in the top 100 of the Power List. Furthermore, he has the highest ranking of the European scientists in the 2019 Power List. To highlight Desmet’s influence and leadership in the field, one of the nominators commented: “When I have a separation question, I do what everybody does… I ask Gert Desmet!”

Where can the Power List be found?

The full Power List 2019 can be found online here: 

The Power List is also available in print and in the downloadable PDF of the October issue:

How was the Power List generated?

•                Open nominations for The Analytical Scientist Power List were held.

•                All eligible nominations were put to an expert judging panel of eight well-respected scientists, who prefer to remain anonymous and were modest enough not to vote for themselves.

•                Each judge independently ranked the candidates and their combined scores were used to generate the final list. 

About The Analytical Scientist

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