Combining our know-how on chemical engineering and precision and micro-machining

Combining our know-how on chemical engineering and precision and micro-machining technology, our group is ideally positioned to develop novel devices and processes in the area of microfluidics and microreactor technology.

The ability to accurately position tailor shaped micron-sized structures by precision machining enables microfluidics novel physical and chemical phenomena.

This research line is fed by the vast know-how in micromachining (ranging from sub-micron lithographic etching to micro-precision CNC machining), by the department’s extensive know-how in flow modeling (CFD), as well as by the application know-how in the fields of catalysis and separation science of the department.

Besides on-chip characterization procedures by means of fluorescence microscopy and other on-chip detection methods, the validation of the prototypes occurs with commercially available characterization equipment.

Some currently explored research topics in this area are:

  • Reducing chromatographic dispersion with active mixing (ERC SG, PI: W. De Malsche)
  • 3D particle image velocimetry (ERC PoC, PI : PI : W. De Malsche)
  • Industrial scale 3D emulsifier (ICON, VLAIO, PI : W. De Malsche)
  • Acoustic streaming and focusing of micron sized particles (bilateral, PI: W. De Malsche)
  • Stool handling and parasite quantification (VLIR-UOS, IOF-POC, PI: W. De Malsche)
  • 2D and 3D analytical separation devices containing polymer packings (PI: B. Eeltink)
  • Microfluidic solutions for column and detector hyphenation in liquid chromatography (PI: B. Eeltink)
  • Industrial scale monodisperse particle production (Innoviris, PI: W. De Malsche)
  • Sustainable microfluidic lignin separations (Moonshot, PI: W. De Malsche)
  • Dynamics of biocondensates (SRP spearpoint, coordinator: PI: W. De Malsche)
  • µFlow cell valorization vehicle for microfluidics (IOF/GEAR group, PI: W. De Malsche)

Involved Staff: