Research and Technology for Advanced and Sustainable Molecular Separation Processes

Prof. Joeri Denayer’s adsorption team is active in several areas of chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering. Our research activities cover both fundamental and technological aspects of adsorption science and technology.
The most advanced nanostructured porous solids are studied for new or improved separation processes.
This includes materials characterization, the understanding of thermodynamics of adsorption and transport phenomena, separation test in lab scale setups or larger research equipment and modeling.
Selected research topics are given below.

  • High throughput experimentation in adsorbent and catalyst research
  • CO2 capture and separation
  • Adsorption technology for biofuels and biochemicals
  • Liquid phase separations
  • Gas phase separations and PSA
  • Thermodynamics of adsorption
  • Metal Organic Frameworks
  • Zeolites
  • Modelling of adsorption, diffusion and catalytic processes

Involved staff: Joeri, Peter, Julien