Dr. Manabu Miyamoto

Dr. Manabu Miyamoto

Office: 5G216
Telephone: 02 629 3318
E-mail: Manabu.Miyamoto@vub.ac.be
Function: Postdoctoral researcher





General introduction

My research interests are directed at an integration of reaction and separation for process intensification, and at developing fundamental technologies using porous materials such as zeolites and MOFs in separation and reaction processes, e.g. catalysis, adsorption and membrane separation.


A core-shell structured zeolite exhibits superior features, e.g. remarkably high product selectivity, which cannot be obtained on conventional zeolites. This composite material consists of an aluminosilicate coated with a pure silica zeolite thin layer. I am studying the effect of the core-shell structuring on adsorption and diffusion properties of zeolites aiming to make novel applications and structured zeolites.