Dr. Marco Tassi

Dr. Marco Tassi

Office: 6G302
Telephone:02 629 3903
E-mail: Marco.Tassi@vub.be
Function: Postdoctoral researcher


General introduction

PhD in analytical chemistry, during the past I worked on the development of new materials applicable in industrial separation processes and the synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts applicable in biotechnological and chemical industry. I have specific competences in the development of analytical methods applicable to various range of chemical compounds (biopharmaceuticals, membranes, polymers, nanoparticles).


I currently work on the investigation and optimization of biopharmaceuticals separation by means of HPLC technique. In particular, my research aims to improve the hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC-HPLC) technique investigating its application in industry. This project is in collaboration with ThermoFisher scientific.


Selected publications

  • A detailed investigation of microwave assisted phenylphosphonic acid modification of P25 TiO2 Marco Tassi, Annelore Roevens, Gunter Reekmans, Martine Vanhamel, Vera Meynen, Jan D’Haen, Peter Adriaensens, Robert Carleer; Advanced Powder Technology: Volume 28, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 236–243
  • Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of novel large network polystyrene-immobilized organic bases. Marco Tassi, Elena Bartollini, Peter Adriaensens, Luca Bianchi, Balaka Barkakaty, Robert Carleer, Jihua Chen, Dale K. Hensley, Assunta Marrocchi and Luigi Vaccaro; RSC Advances, 2015,5, 107200-107208
  • Fully quantitative description of hybrid TiO2 nanoparticles by means of solid state 31P NMR Marco Tassi, Gunter Reekmans, Robert Carleer and Peter Adriaensens; Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Volume 78, September 2016, 50-55


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