MSc. Ana Cortijo Martín

Msc. Ana Cortijo Martin

Office: 6G301
Telephone:02 629 1156
Function: PhD student




General introduction

Ana Cortijo obtained her MSc in Chemistry in 2010, at the Chemistry Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). She worked as Laboratory Research Assistant at the Exploration&Production department in Repsol. She did a Complementary Master in Nanotechnology (2014). She started her PhD at the Department of Chemical Engineering in May 2016, under supervision of Prof. Sebastiaan Eeltink.


I am working in the the DEBottlenecking Of Chromatographic Separations (DEBOCS) project in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. This project aims to develop microfluidic devices to decrease the LCxLC analysis time and to improve the modulation of the sample. Also, it is focused in the implementation of polymer monoliths and the use of these devices in the separation of complex pharmaceutical samples (i.e. proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides).