M. Sc. Martyna Baca

ir. Martyna Baca

Office: 6G303
Telephone: +32 (0)2 629 1157
E-mail: Martyna.Baca@vub.be
Function: PhD student




General introduction

I am working on a PhD thesis in the field of liquid chromatography. My promotor is Prof. Dr.ir. Wim De Malsche.


The main focus of my study is to characterize polymeric pillar-array columns using pressure-driven and electrically-driven mode, that are capable of separating complex protein mixtures with high resolution and efficiency. The second is related to the evaluation and minimization of concentration overloading dispersion effects in chromatography columns.

Detailed insights concerning the chemical composition of therapeutic proteins improve the understanding how these affect the biological activity, distribution, and excretion. This will enable the development of better (i.e., more stable) and hence safer biopharmaceutical products.