ir. Sander Jespers

Telephone: 02.629.1157
Office: 6G303
Function: PhD student


General introduction

I am working on a PhD thesis, founded by the FWO, in the field of gas chromatography. My promotors are Prof. Gert Desmet and Prof. Frederic Lynen. I teach the exercises for the Thermodynamics course of Prof. Joeri Denayer to the second Bachelor students.


I am working on the development of MEMS-based pillar array columns for gas chromatography. These microfabricated columns have the potential to increase the speed, efficiency, and sensitivity of the separation of volatile (trace) compounds. In a first stage, the columns are designed based on simulations using computational fluid dynamics and kinetic plots. Later, columns will be fabricated at the MESA+ institute in Twente, coated in-house and tested.

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