ir. Wim Smits

ir. Wim Smits

Office: 5G216
Telephone:02 629 3262
Function: researcher (IWT)




General introduction

Born and raised in the cold northern regions, Wim fell in love with Brussels during his academic career. In combination with his urge to figure out how stuff works, he decided to do a PhD at the VUB. Besides doing research, Wim is an avid reader, he loves photography and mountaineering.


The research is focused on modeling the behavior and performance of chromatographic processes in order to improve separation performance. In a first stage he studied the impact of macroscopic flow behavior on band broadening. In a second stage the focus will be on the study of flow and mass transfer behavior at the microscopic level. To model fluid behavior, Wim uses (commercial) Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD).

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