Dr. ir. Stijn Van der Perre

ir. Stijn Van der Perre

Office: 5G216
Telephone:02 629 3318
E-mail: Stijn.Van.Der.Perre@vub.be
Function: Postdoctoral researcher

General introduction

I am currently working towards a PhD in the field of the micro- and mesoporous solids, more specifically the metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), having applications in adsorption, catalysis and chromatography. As part of my PhD research, I also give some labs belonging to courses of Mechanical and Thermal Unit Operations, Unit operations and Heterogeneous Catalysis.


As PhD researcher I am part of the MOFshape project, entitled ‘Shaped Metal-Organic Frameworks for Adsorption, Energy and Catalysis Applications’, acting on the adsorption applications of this project. A very promising objective is the use of MOFs as stationary phase in liquid phase chromatography in order to obtain better separation performances and offering more separation possibilities in comparison with the conventional stationary phases. In addition, also different synthesis methods are tested to functionalize packing materials for the preparation of MOF coated shell particles. Hopefully these findings will lead to faster and more efficient separations in HPLC.

Selected publications

  • Biobutanol Separation with the Metal–Organic Framework ZIF-8
    J. Cousin Saint Remi., T. Rémy, V. Van Hunskerken, S. Van der Perre, T. Duerinck, M. Maes, D. De Vos, E. Gobechiya, C.E.A. Kirschhock, G.V. Baron and J.F.M. Denayer
  • Unusual pressure-temperature dependency in the capillary liquid chromatographic separation of C8 alkylaromatics on the MIL-53(Al) metal-organic framework
    W. De Malsche, S. Van der Perre, S. Silverans, M. Maes, D.E. De Vos, F. Lynen and J.F.M. Denayer

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