Dr. ir. Peter De Schepper

ir. Peter De Schepper

Office: 5G216
Telephone: +32 (0)2 629 3318
E-mail: Peter.De.Schepper@vub.be
Function: Postdoctoral researcher




General introduction

Last year I received my Master in Bioscience Engineering at the VUB. Now I am working on my PhD concerning the modeling of fuel cells.


Studying Fuel cells is a challenging and versatile occupation. The modeling of these fuel cells requires the description of various phenomena such as mass and heat transfer, electrochemistry, multiple phase equilibria etc. In my PhD I study different aspects of a fuel cell. Currently I am describing the catalyst layer which is the ‘hart’ of the fuel cell where the reactions occur and electricity is generated. By a better description and knowledge of the processes that take place in the catalyst layer, this structure can be optimized resulting in better performance and allowing for better usage of the expensive catalyst. Hopefully these developments can contribute to the commercialization of fuel cells, making it a viable alternative for conventional methods of energy production.

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