ir. Tom Van Assche

ir. Tom Van Assche

Office: 5G216
Telephone:02 629 3262
Function: Doctoral researcher (IWT funded)




General introduction

I’m currently pursuing a PhD, focused on the design and fabrication of micro- and millidevices with integrated micro- or mesoporous materials, funded by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology Flanders (IWT).


Novel microporous materials such as Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) are very promising for the separation of various mixtures by means of adsorption. By creating thin coatings and membranes of MOF in-situ in small microchannels the mass- and heat transfer can be increased to improve the separation efficiency.


Selected publications

  • Van Assche, T.R.C. , Remy, T., Desmet, G., Baron, G.V. , Denayer, J.F.M., Separation and Purification Technology, 2011, 82, 76-86
  • Van Assche, T.R.C., Desmet G., Ameloot R., De Vos, D.E., Terryn, H., Denayer, J.F.M., Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2012, 158, 209-213

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