dr. ir. Sarah Couck

dr. ir. Sarah Couck
Telephone:02 629 3256
E-mail: scouck@vub.ac.be
Function: : FWO post-doctoral researcher

General introduction

I finished my PhD in June 2012, titled: “CO2 capture and separation using metal-organic frameworks: effect of amine-functionalization and framework flexibility”.


Metal-Organic Frameworks, MOFs in short, offer potential advantages in separation science. These materials are versatile and highly tunable and can be tailor-made for the needs of a specific process. Unfortunately these materials are made as irregular shaped crystals with a broad range in particle size distribution. The use of these MOFs in liquid chromatography as such would lead to unacceptable pressure drops, peak broadening, etc. In the FWO project I’m working on, we aim to develop stationary phases for HPLC, based on those MOF adsorbents. To this purpose, we will develop methods to immobilize MOF crystals to the pore surface of macroporous polymer monolithic stationary phases.

Selected publications

  • An Amino-Functionalized MIL-53 Metal Organic Framework with Large Separation Power for CO2 and CH4. S. Couck, J.F.M. Denayer, G.V. Baron, T. Rémy, J. Gascon, F. Kapteijn; J.A.C.S.; 131 (18); 6326-6327, 2009.
  • A pulse chromatographic study of the adsorption properties of the amino-MIL-53 (Al) metal-organic. S. Couck, T. Remy, G.V. Baron, J. Gascon , F. Kapteijn, J.F.M. Denayer. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS; 12 (32); 9413-9418; 2010
  • Adsorption and Separation of Light Gases on an Amino-Functionalized Metal–Organic Framework : An Adsorption and In Situ XRD Study, S. Couck, E. Gobechiya, C.E.A. Kirschhock, P. Serra-Crespo, J. Juan-Alcañiz, A. Martinez Joaristi, E. Stavitski, J. Gascon, F. Kapteijn, G.V. Baron, J.F.M. Denayer, ChemSusChem, 5(4), 740-750, 2012

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